Songs That Move – concert

You choose the mood, we choose the music!

Welcome to our universally popular series of ‘song pharmacy’ concerts, where we prescribe songs in response to the audience. On booking, audience members may select a mood or subject to be addressed in the concert.
(Don’t worry, the only ‘surgery’ taking place is on the song!)

We can perform up to 4 x 30 minute mini-gigs in a day, up close and personalised, for audiences of 6 to 20 people, in settings that range from sofas in sitting rooms,
to sofas onstage at international concert hall, Kings Place London.
Suitable for mainstream audiences or tailored to any outreach demographic.

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Creative Team:

Bibi Heal – soprano
Stephen Barlow – piano
Struan Leslie – director
Bridget Foreman – words
Jane Rice-Bowen – producer

Supported by:

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bibi performing at kids for kids
bibi performing at kids for kids
bibi performing at kids for kids