Songs that move – therapy


Parkinson’s project

Mark Mardell / Gillian Lacey-Solymar collaboration

“…Stephen plays and Bibi sings. It is an exquisite performance, full of fragile power…”

“Then I’m up. It’s my turn. The music starts and I concentrate hard trying to mimic and mirror her movements, trying to remember the instructions: move my arms, leading with the back my hand, as though trailing it through water. Although my focus had to be fierce just to keep up, it feels rather blissful, slow and graceful. I am, of course, well aware the video will show only outward awkwardness and not the inner peace.

In the end it is just an old bloke waving his arms about a bit but it feels good, an achievement… I feel a sense of relief but a much greater sense of satisfaction, even joy. I wasn’t exactly agnostic about this idea in the first place. After all music is good, art is good and exercise is definitely good for Parkinson’s so in combination they can’t be bad… Nevertheless, the notion of “prescribing songs’ sounds whimsical, bordering on the eccentric. But I’m a convert. I can’t wait to discover what happens next. I have a feeling that whimsy works.”

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SAM stroke / aphasia project – Song surgery for people with Aphasia; Music for wellbeing

Collaboration with City University London and University of Michigan, Led by Dr Sarah Northcott, Dr Abi Roper, Dr Katie Strong. With Sally Vickers, Aphasia Reconnect and those with lived experience

Using song to support language rehabilitation, movement, identity and wellbeing.


Spinal injury / PTSD

Collaboration with Horatio’s Garden
Using songs for visualisation and mental relaxation, channelling thoughts from trauma




Creative Team:

Bibi Heal – soprano
Stephen Barlow – pianist
William Tuckett – director
Zenaida Yanowsky – dancer
Dominic Best – film maker
Jane Rice-Bowen – producer

Supported by:

The song surgery, songs that move has been generously supported by…

bibi performing at kids for kids
bibi performing at kids for kids
bibi performing at kids for kids